Show Schedule 2018 — 2019

Please note the NEW Show Format (returning to monthly shows!)
Dates and Events are subject to change.


Saturday 15th September 2018

  • Events: Barrels
  • Colors: The Colors of Late Summer (Blue, Yellow, Green)

Saturday 20th October 2018

  • Events: Quad
  • Colors: Pink (October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

Saturday 24th November 2018

  • Events: Barrels
  • Colors: The Colors of Fall (Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown)

December 2018

  • No show this month
  • Happy Holidays to All!


Saturday 26th January 2019

  • Events: Quad
  • Colors: The Colors of Winter White & Blue

Saturday 23rd February 2019

  • Events: Barrels
  • Colors: The colors of Late Winter or Early Spring

Saturday 23rd March 2019

  • Events: Quad
  • Colors: Green for St. Patrick's Day (or Orange if you want to make it interesting!)

Saturday 27th April 2019

  • Events: Barrels
  • Colors: Soft Pastel Colors for Spring

Just Maybe a Play-Day Show

Saturday ??rd June 2019

  • Play Day Show!
  • Events: To be announced!
  • Colors: The Club Colors: Purple, Green, & Tan