The NINTH & TENTH Show of the 2016 – 2017 Season

  • When: Saturday 17 June 2017
  • Events: Quad (QR P2 SSR F8S SBR KH)*
  • Our SECOND Fundraiser (see below )

Wanna Stall for your horse? Wanna Camp? See Below!

  • When: Sunday 18 June 2017
  • Events: Barrels (BAR P1 BR BT F8F SBL)*
  • Where: Ingalls Park in Norco
  • Arena: The Clarke Arena (NEW arena to the south)
  • Time: Signups at 7:30am, Grand Entry at 8:45am Show Starts PROMPTLY at 9:00am
  • Colors: The Club Colors: Purple, Green, & Tan

Every Month is Helmet Awarness Month

Dates and Events are subject to change!

Stalls and Camping for the two day June Show

  • Email Gina and let her know how many stalls you want.
  • You MUST give Gina seven (7) days notice so she can inform the city and have them available for you.
  • Stalls are $20.00 for each horse for the weekend!
  • Dry Campting is $10.00 per night.
  • If you wish to have electricity, that is @28.00 per night.
  • You MUST bring a water bucket and feed and clean your own stalls.
  • You MUST give Gina at least seven (7) days advanced notice to reserve stalls.
  • See you all at the show!

Cell Phone Policy

Please Note: In order to prevent problems and errors while recording times we are implementing the following policy:

Cell Phones are NOT allowed to be used while announcing or time-writing. This includes texting and any other use.

The Riders work very hard to get good times and would be very disappointed if their times were not recorded correctly due to the distraction of a cell phone.

If you cannot live without using your cell phone, please volunteer for a job that does NOT involve writing times.

Thank You All for your assistance and cooperation.

Show Schedule Changes

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to make the following changes:

  • The May Show has been CANCELLED
  • Saturday 17 June will still be the Second Fundraiser Show ( Barrels )
  • Make–up for the May Show will be SUNDAY 18 June ( Quad )

Check out the updated Norco Ranglers By–Laws
for 2016 — 2017

2015 — 2016 Year–End Standings

The banquet was fantastic, as always ...

Final 2015 — 2016 Year–End Standings will be posted here soonest.

Check out the Awards Page for more information on how YOU can qualify for these incredible awards.

Results and Standings

Current Standings are posted here.


The Norco Ranglers Year–End Awards are legendary! Everyone who qualifies receives fantastic hand–picked personalized awards.

Every season the January and the June shows are held as fundraising events. Therefore...

  • There will be no day awards.
  • We will still have a mystery jackpot and a 5–D.
  • You must attend at least ONE of the TWO fundraisers to qualify for club year–end awards.
  • If you miss ONE fundraiser you may pay the club $39.00 to make up for the missed fundraiser.
  • You must attend 60% of the shows, which equals 7 shows and ride ALL events at each show.
  • And you must attend at least one of the last three shows of the season. (May, June, July)
  • Work 1/2 of an event at each show you attend.

And you too can qualify for these fantastic year–end awards.

Please Note:

  • The Saturday 17th June 2017 Show is the LAST show to move up! (Note Change)
  • Events are subject to change based on arena conditions and safety concerns.
  • Every Month is Helmet Awarness Month

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Rain or Shine

Norco Ranglers' shows are held at Ingalls Park in Norco. The arena is COVERED so we run RAIN OR SHINE!

See you there!